Easier to Maintain an Industry than Rebuild One

The United States has pushed the semiconductor industry nearly out of existence through over-taxation, over-regulation, and America Last policies. The other being hurt is food production – farming. Each produces something essential to the continuing existence.

The United States manufactures just 12% of the world’s computer chips, while China produces 80%. The area accounts for 80% of the world’s outsourced semiconductor production. Semiconductors are used in almost every electronic device. Taiwan’s TSMC alone manufactures half of the world’s semiconductors.

The Cost of Rebuilding U.S. Semiconductor Manufacturing Will Continue to Rise – Experts estimate that the public and private costs will reach ten times that amount over the next two decades. What is the best method to develop the environment required to attract such large investments? And putting a stop to the phony “free trade” policies that Washington has pushed for decades.

Millions of jobs are being destroyed – and it’s not due to free trade; it’s all part of a massive ‘free trade’ hoax. “The Free Trade Uber Alles Crowd” believes that nothing is more important — than inexpensive products.

The food manufacturing industry in the United States is on the point of extinction, much as the semiconductor sector is.

Fortunately, the US has not yet done to the farming industry what they have done to the chip manufacturing sector. As a result, rebuilding and re-bolstering will be significantly easier. Maintaining a local business is far simpler than attempting to rebuild one. The U.S. needs to maintain the industries it still has.