Drug Crisis Grows As DEA Official Fired

Mexico is a mess of violence and drug crime, with a major trial in the United States showing the same morass crossing into our nation.

The United States Drug Enforcement Administration (D.E.A.) announced an embarrassing secret: it’s head of Mexico operations was fired over allegedly being influenced by drug cartel leaders.

Nicholas Palmeri allegedly gave access to drug dealers and made major errors in the D.E.A. These included seeking government funds for inappropriate uses and even asked for money for his own birthday party.

Palmeri had overseen major D.E.A. operations in not only Mexico but also nations in Central America and Canada. He also allegedly took inappropriate vacations that may have been funded by drug money.

He stepped down in March 2022.

The corruption endemic in the Mexican police and government structure is far different than that of the United States. The arrest raises the prospect that many of the same issues are coming to the United States.

The growth of violence in Mexico is nothing new, but it is getting worse. The Mexican government is at war with the Sinaloa Cartel, leading to dozens of deaths across the country. Since the drug issue doesn’t end at the border, Mexico’s problem is ours.

Things are difficult because Mexico’s system of law and order is hopelessly corrupt. It is so much so that even the head of the country’s war on drugs is currently on trial (in the United States) for allegedly taking bribes from the cartels.

The corruption seems to have no bottom.

The need for stranger border security is key for our nation. There is a need for, at the minimum, a wall along our southern border. More Customs and Border Patrol agents would be a great next step as well.

However, this is all unlikely as long as Joe Biden is in office. His lax policies on the border are a major liability. The White House didn’t cause all of the problems in Mexico, but they did create a large share of these problems coming into the United States.