Doocy SKEWERS Psaki After Biden Bunch Praises Taliban On Same Day Joe ATTACKED Americans

It is alarming that Joe Biden and his henchmen despise Americans and Republican leaders more than the Taliban. Biden made it clear yesterday when he stated that he was loathing unvaccinated Americans. He never mentioned the Taliban. Additionally, Biden portrayed Republican governors as anti-vaccine when they were anti-mandates. Whenever governors refused to cooperate against the pandemic, he threatened to remove them using his presidential authority.

Conversely, the White House portrayed the Taliban as professionals and business-like. A spokesman for the National Security Council, Emily Horne, used the term concerning an aircraft from Kabul to Qatar carrying Westerners, including Americans. Horne made this statement even though the Taliban prevented Americans and Afghan allies from leaving Mazar-i-Sharif for more than a week. Certainly not cooperative. Not to mention the beating as well as the murdering of persons they engage in.

Moreover, the Biden administration declined to disclose the number of Americans aboard the flight or include anyone detained in Mazar-i-Sharif. Thus, the Biden camp was once again engaging in this game of lack of openness. Nonetheless, Peter Doocy of Fox News questioned why they were so effusive in their admiration for the Taliban. Thousands of Americans and Afghan partners are still in need of American help in Afghanistan.

The State Department coordinated with the Taliban to evacuate Americans from Afghanistan, spokesperson Psaki claimed. Doocy inquired how they were claiming that the Taliban is business-like and professional in their conduct? A $10 million reward is on his head, so what’s the business? However, she did not respond to the inquiry. They have made no response to allegations that the Taliban pressed the US to allow people to escape Mazar-i-Sharif. It’s a problem if they cannot inform people of what happened to those Americans or their dealings with the Taliban.

Furthermore, will the people subsequently find that “pallets of cash” were exchanged or that they negotiated an under-the-table deal with terrorists in exchange for recognition? And this on the eve of September 11th (9/11). Nobody could have imagined that the United States government would act in this manner two decades later.