Donald Trump: Democrats Are ‘Destroying’ Our Own Border While Saying Ukraine’s Border Are ‘Sacred’

Democrats are outraged at Vladimir Putin’s breach of Ukrainian sovereignty. Nonetheless, they supervise the erosion of their power by reducing their southern border to little more than a line on paper. At CPAC on Saturday, Donald Trump pointed out the latest in a seemingly never-ending string of examples of Democrat hypocrisy.

Trump labeled the situation in Ukraine a “catastrophe disaster.” At the same time, Democrats rushed to the microphones to say that Ukraine’s borders are holy. While they sympathize with Ukraine in so many ways, Ukraine’s sovereignty must be preserved at all costs. That is all that matters to Schumer, Pelosi, and Biden. People have a border disaster. They have individuals pouring into the nation that they do not want, which will be detrimental.

According to Breitbart, Biden’s Homeland Security Department is preparing to open the country’s borders and hire stateless economic migrants. It comes amid a lobbying drive by pro-migration groups to open a border crossing point for persons who claim to have no national home. United Stateless, which George Soros’ Open Society Foundations supported, represents the lobbying campaign.

The New York Times reports that House Democrats are working with Soros-linked organizations to “eradicate any surveillance and tracking of illegal aliens in the United States.” Who would benefit from this? Employers prefer to pay illegals a pittance under the table and Democrats acquire more welfare dependents. Donald Trump told CPAC attendees that “the essential obligation of any elected politician is to protect and defend America and that begins with guarding and defending America’s borders.” He was the first president in a long time to show a consistent and severe concern for that fact. Even Ronald Reagan set the ball rolling on open borders by consenting to an amnesty that rewarded a million foreigners for entering the United States.

Therefore, Biden’s open-borders supporters must be defeated in 2022 and 2024. Politicians who put the interests of the American people first must be elected. According to reports, there are millions of individuals in America right now who will fight any America First candidate tooth and claw. That is the legacy of Leftist cultural control over decades.