Jake Tapper’s Upcoming ‘Special Report’, Donald Trump Continues To Enjoy A Rent-Free Existence In CNN’s Head

You would think that with Joe Biden eleven months down in the President’s Office, CNN would have gotten over their addiction of talking about Trump, but it seems they aren’t. Maybe if we put it another way, the audience tuning in on CNN isn’t ready to let go of the former President Donald Trump just yet and needs to be shown something involving him to capture their interest. Let’s try not to get too judgmental, assuming CNN is entirely incapable of not talking about Trump, and let’s just for a second assume that they are completely over him and only find ways to air news about him for the ratings.

It may not be as it seems in the tweet. CNN is probably completely over Trump. CNN’s Jake Tapper probably had something interesting to write in the report, and only a very competent journalist like himself can handle such a job. CNN still has a large number of viewers, and just as any mature journalist, CNN’s journalists have to keep their viewers’ interests in mind and display the news about Trump. Of course, that shouldn’t imply that they are incapable of producing any other news. Except they are incapable and deeply obsessed with Trump. “Trumping Democracy: An American Coup” has even formed their word to keep him involved.

Perhaps CNN wouldn’t be able to get over Trump even if their life depended upon it, but it seems it does depend upon it considering their viewership is retaining itself just because of the Trump news that keeps them going. Without Trump, their ratings would fall and considering their current viewership. They need to grab on to any audience they can find. Maybe this explains better why CNN has been so incapable of producing content not related to Trump.