Does Biden Have Any Idea What’s Happening In His Administration?

On October 22, a group of COVID-19 testing professionals participated in a Zoom session with Biden Administration officials and presented a concept for changing America’s testing methodology. The 10-page plan would allow the US to put COVID-19 testing in the hands of regular people at home. It would enable people to screen themselves in real-time, reducing transmission. The proposal called for 732 million tests every month, necessitating a substantial increase in production capacity.

Moreover, to avoid a Christmas spike, a group of health experts convened at the White House in October to develop a concept for free home screenings for all Americans. Three days after the encounter, they got a back-channel message from a White House staffer. The administration announced a plan to speed up the FDA’s regulatory clearance procedure for speedy home testing on the same day.

The rapid-testing effort, in particular, appears to have run into the unique obstacles of combating COVID-19. Regulatory hurdles include a regulatory maze focused on evaluating devices for precise sensitivity rather than public-health value. A medical fiefdom in which doctors regard patient test findings as solely their responsibility to communicate.

Furthermore, there is a policy concern that having too many fast tests might send the message to fearful Americans that they can test their way through the pandemic and avoid vaccines entirely.

Therefore President Biden claims that no military adviser encouraged him to maintain 2,500 soldiers in Afghanistan. At the same time, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Central Command informed Congress under oath that they had advocated it. Or Biden’s assertion that he expected the fall of the Afghan government before the end of the year. Or the number of times Biden said that those who have been vaccinated cannot spread COVID-19 or that they won’t catch COVID if they have these immunizations.