Disturbing Video Shows Female Lee Zeldin Supporter Choked During Kathy Hochul Rally

A video posted online Sunday shows a harrowing moment when a female supporter of New York gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin (R) was choked by a man during a Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) rally.

The young women had been protesting the rally, holding a sign reading “Vote red” and “Vote them out” along with a photo of Hochul sporting devil horns.

Twitter account Viral News NY posted footage of the disturbing incident along with an interview of the allegedly assaulted woman. The lady, who is reportedly named Angelica Torres, said the rally ceased being peaceful after somebody stole her sign.

“I was here holding my sign, and … peaceful protest, against you know, Gov. Hochul, and a woman — a very large heavyset woman, I’m assuming, you know, might have been a man — came and took my sign,” she explained.

“As I was trying to retrieve my sign, there was another man that came and choked me, and there were two other people that were coming and preventing me from trying to get my sign,” she claimed.

The posted recording shows a full-grown man grabbing the woman’s neck and choking her.

“Never wanted to get physical with anyone, I was just there peacefully just holding my sign, and you know, they didn’t want to hear what I had to say,” the lady added.

Political violence against Americans who oppose Democrats has been seen before. It was only a couple of months ago when a man admitted to intentionally running over and killing a Republican teenager in North Dakota on the basis of his political views. The alleged murderer, 41-year-old Shannon Joseph Brandt, was released from jail shortly after.

“I was very shocked and upset that I couldn’t express my opinions openly without violence. Crime and violence is a big issue in our city,” Torres said when speaking with Fox News on the matter.

It has additionally been alleged that New York City Councilwoman Krystal Hudson, a Democrat, also physically grabbed Torres.