Did The CDC Director Confess That Her Science Source Is CNN?

Taking the scientific establishment has gotten more complicated. Many of them have been co-opted by people who are more interested in advancing a political viewpoint via the guise of science than in genuinely following it. It only serves to remove oneself from these organizations further when declaring them wrong about something so clear is characterized as “misinformation.”

The CDC is notorious for its propensity to change its mind depending on how much backlash it receives from lefties on Twitter. The CDC’s unofficial slogan appears to be “politics first, science afterward.” The contradiction demonstrates that the CDC is managed by something other than science and that its marching orders come from outside.

Moreover, “When the CNN feed came saying it was 95 percent effective, the vaccination, so many of them wanted it to be beneficial, they wanted to say, ‘Okay, this is their ticket out,’” says Dr. Walensky of the flu vaccine. “They were like, ‘This is it, this is it,’” she recalls of a live-streamed interview in which she practically acknowledged collecting her data from places people should never receive their data from.

People were making judgments about everything from personal to business life based on CDC advice. Businesses practically informed their employees that they would be fired if not vaccinated. Based on what the CDC said, the President of the United States attempted to force everyone to acquire the vaccination unlawfully.

Furthermore, the CDC was receiving its ideas from a network that was so terrible that it always finished last. The same network dubbed a riot in the middle of razing a city a “mostly peaceful” protest and speculated whether the missing Malaysian flight had maybe fallen into a black hole? People lost their jobs, homes, families and more based on the CDC’s word, all because of what they perceived to be reckless judgments made by the media.

For a long time, the CDC has been nothing more than a joke and an unfunny one at that. Many Americans’ lives have been wrecked due to its recommendations and they now know that a cable news network influenced the information it provided. At this point, it’s unclear why Americans should have any faith in scientific organizations like the CDC.