Dick Morris: Biden Makes Voters Want Trump Again

Mr. Dick Morris stated on Sunday at WABC 770 AM’s “The Cats Roundtable” radio show, hosted by John Catsimatidis, that President Joe Biden’s declining approval ratings are a result of his poor handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal as well as the COVID-19 pandemic, and that voters are beginning to believe that former President Trump does not look nearly as bad as he once did.

According to the mean-aggregate polling conducted by FiveThirtyEight, President Joe Biden surpassed the disapproval barrier for the first time during his administration on August 30, one day before his deadline to depart from Afghanistan on August 31, as reported by FiveThirtyEight. According to Dick Morris, presenter of the Newsmax show “Dick Morris: Democracy,” President Joe Biden is collapsing because of his senility, his fragility, and his failure to lead with commitment, all of which stand in stark contrast to President Donald Trump’s record and attitude.

Voters who despised Trump are now comparing Trump’s negatives with Biden’s negatives, and they are finding that Trump’s negatives aren’t nearly as severe as they thought. When people look at Afghanistan, COVID, the Haitians, and the border, they can see that everyone might benefit from a bit more of Donald Trump’s vision and determination. It appears that Biden’s weakness is defining Trump’s personality, and many are reporting that it wasn’t all that awful.

Additionally, unlike British Prime Ministers, Morris notes that American presidents must survive a confidence vote in Parliament when their support ratings drop and their power dwindles. Democrats cannot be intimidated into supporting Biden any longer. They are developing the ability to reason independently and make judgments. Perhaps Democratic members of Congress are shown a measure of courage. However, how many additional comparisons do Americans genuinely require? Biden is a blunderer. To anyone with two functional brain cells to rub together, this is self-evident. He should be impeached, and a fresh election must be called.