DeSantis Urges Vigilance Against Political Correctness Threat

In a speech at the Republican Jewish Coalition Leadership Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis sounded the alarm over the growing threat of political correctness in the United States. DeSantis, known for his unwavering support for Israel and the Jewish people, warned that the embrace of woke ideology could have dire consequences for the nation.

During his speech, he announced a special legislative session to strengthen state-based sanctions against the Iranian regime. This comes amid concerns that funds going to Iran are being misused to support terrorism in the Middle East, including that of the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas.

“We already have some of the strongest in the United States, we now have an ability to expand those because the money that’s going into Iran, they’re not using it to make the lives of their people better. They’re using it to fund terrorism throughout the Middle East. So we’re standing up and we’re doing what’s right. And again, this is about leading not with mere words, but deeds. And we’ve done that time and time again,” DeSantis said.

Addressing the recent attack on Israel, DeSantis pointed out that it occurred in part due to Israel’s border defenses being overrun. He drew a parallel with the need for the U.S. to secure its own border with Mexico, emphasizing the importance of national security.

DeSantis asserted that the United States must approach such issues with clear-eyed pragmatism. However, he fears that political correctness will not let people take the right stand on issues like this.

“Political correctness will end this country if we don’t stop doing it,” he stated, adding, “And I said you don’t want the Gaza. And what they said was, ‘well, they’re not all Hamas’. Well, look, they elected Hamas. Let’s just be clear. They were cheering for Hamas when Hamas perpetrated this attack, just like they cheered when Al Qaeda knocked down the Twin Towers. They were cheering Palestinian Arabs when that happened.”

The GOP presidential candidate stressed that the question wasn’t merely about whether individuals were associated with Hamas but about them being taught to hate Jews or deny Israel’s right to exist. 

“The question is, do they teach young kids to hate Jews? Yes. Do they teach young kids that Israel should be wiped off the map? Actually, do they even have Israel in the map on their textbooks? No, it’s not even there. So it’s not a question of whether you’re actually a terrorist or whether you’re a member of Hamas or not,” he emphasized, warning against importing problems from other regions into the United States, particularly those who held hostile views toward Jews and Israel.

DeSantis has always stood in opposition to political correctness as well as woke indoctrination. Earlier this month, he accused his fellow GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley of “trying to be politically correct” after the former North Carolina governor supported the idea of letting Palestinian refugees from Gaza come into the United States.