DeSantis Urges Disney To Drop Lawsuit, Focus On Business Success

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is making a strong call to Disney, urging the entertainment giant to drop its lawsuit against him and other state officials. In an exclusive interview with CNBC’s “Squawk on the Street,” DeSantis emphasized that Disney is on the path to losing the legal battle and advised the company to return to its core strengths for a successful future.

DeSantis, who has a personal connection with Disney as he and his wife tied the knot at Walt Disney World, conveyed his perspective on the ongoing feud. “…We’ve appreciated working with them over the years, but I would just say, go back to what you did well. I think it’s going to be the right business decision and all that,” he stated.

The dispute between Disney and DeSantis began when Disney publicly opposed Florida’s Parental Rights in Education law, which critics referred to as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. This law prevents discussions about gender identity or sexual orientation in lower-grade classrooms. 

Following that, DeSantis pushed for changes in governance and oversight of Disney’s activities, resulting in a legal battle.

In his conversation with CNBC host Brian Sullivan, the governor stood firm on his stance, emphasizing that Florida is a great place for business due to its low unemployment rate and business-friendly environment. He also pointed out that other theme parks like Universal SeaWorld have thrived without the special privileges Disney is fighting for.

“No one has made Disney more money recently than me because, during COVID, they were open in Florida. They were locked shut in California. We said we want you guys to operate because we understood how important it was that their cast members in central Florida had the ability to make ends meet,” DeSantis also asserted.

The governor stressed that the state’s priority is fairness and equal treatment for all businesses, without granting extraordinary privileges to any specific company. He emphasized that the current legal battle is diverting focus from Disney’s true strengths and its potential to succeed.

DeSantis’s call to action echoes his belief that the lawsuit is bound to fail and that Disney should reevaluate its strategy, as he cited the importance of preserving the business-friendly atmosphere that has benefited both the state and companies like Disney in the past.