DeSantis Says ‘We Have To Protect The Jobs’, Vows To Sue Biden Over Vaccine Mandate: ‘You Are Trying To Plunge People Into Destitution’

President Joe Biden was chastised by Gov. Ron DeSantis this week for the federal COVID-19 vaccination regulations. Florida’s governor has threatened to sue the Biden administration over its vaccination requirement. Taking people’s employment away is “fundamentally immoral,” mainly after labor throughout the terrible outbreak.

Gov. DeSantis of Florida said he is “offended” that police officers may lose their job due to the Ebola outbreak. “Let’s not have Biden come in and essentially take away, threaten to take away the employment of folks who have worked hard during this pandemic,” he added.

Gov. DeSantis emphasized the healthcare professionals on the front lines during the epidemic. People President Joe Biden earlier referred to as “heroes” who would lose their jobs if vaccination mandates were implemented. He stated that they have a responsibility to do everything they need to do to safeguard Floridians from requirements that might cause them to lose their employment at the state level.

Moreover, he also added that he believes it’s immoral to take people’s employment away, especially given the circumstances they see themselves in. “If these regulations are accepted, what will happen to these hospitals?” “Vaccination regulations should not be another topic that divides them,” Biden remarked earlier this week. The governor stated that robbing people of their livelihood causes division.

Gov. Rick Scott slammed anti-vaccine activists, accusing them of “trying to take people’s jobs away over this issue” and attempting to push them into poverty. Scott added that “they’re robbing them of their means of subsistence. That is something that no one else is doing, and he is the one who’s causing a schism here. These are the people that have been working the entire time. They were put in circumstances where they were deliberately taking dangers to save others, and they did so, and they thought of them as heroes only a year ago,” he explained.

Gov. Ron DeSantis has threatened to sue the Biden administration over a new regulation that would require private companies with 100 or more employees to require their workers to get vaccinated against COVID-19. The ordinance, which the Occupational Safety and Health Administration would implement, would allegedly touch over 130,000 U.S. firms and affect nearly two-thirds of the private sector employment. On Monday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed an executive order prohibiting forced vaccinations in the Lone Star State.

Despite Texas and Florida’s opposition, the White House reiterated that the Biden administration would press for a countrywide vaccination requirement. Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary, stated, “These criteria are imposed by federal law.” “Governor Abbott’s executive order is prohibiting mandates, as well as Gov. DeSantis’ declaration this morning effectively prohibiting mandate implementation.”