DeSantis Orders Biden To Keep His Federal School Board Cops Out Of Florida

Attorney General Merrick Garland ordered the FBI to investigate the cases of domestic terrorists emerging in the school board meetings as an act of fury over mask mandates and the critical race theory programs across the nation. After receiving a complaint by the National School Boards Association, Garland’s response was a blatant attempt to hinder free speech and portray the concerned parents as domestic terrorists, as stated in the letter, for not following the mask mandate.

PJ Media’s Stacey Lennox has looked into all the cases listed as domestic violence and gate crime by the organization in the letter, which was outright laughable to consider what was passes at domestic terrorism. School boards are critically mistaken with their perception of a threat and have called out the genuinely worried and concerned parents as domestic terrorists just because they choose not to have their child wear a mask at the school. Garland’s strategy to only send FBI agents to investigate the local school board meetings is utterly weird and useless. It’s like pulling out a 100mm Howitzer when a popgun would have done the work.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was very rightfully furious at the administration and told Biden, Garland, FBI Director Chris Way, and the others involved to keep their guns to themselves and stop interfering in the schools’ businesses. He had to remind Biden and his lackeys that promoting free speech and by no means terrorism and disagreeing with a state’s order is not harassment. Protesting is not terrorism until it includes rioting, looting, and assault. He reminded the Biden administration in his statement of the left-wing protests of 2020 summer, which involved violence of sorts. He reassured that those acts are punishable in the state of Florida regardless of political context.