DeSantis Encourages House Republicans to Fulfill Campaign Promise

In a recent Fox News interview on “Media Buzz” with Howard Kurtz, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis had some strong words for Republican members of the House of Representatives as he encouraged them to stay true to their campaign promises, regardless of the Democrat-controlled U.S. Senate’s stance on various issues.

DeSantis emphasized, “They campaigned on certain things. Our voters did give them the House — not by big majorities, but they gave it to them. So just do what you say you’re going to do. The Senate can do what they’re going to do.” 

He urged them not to shy away from their beliefs simply because the Democrat-controlled Senate might not accept their proposals.

“Do what you believe in because the country is going insolvent, and they’ve got to show a better way,” the GOP presidential candidate continued, going further to stress the importance of taking action to address the nation’s fiscal challenges, including the growing debt, which has escalated under the past recent administrations.

DeSantis also expressed support for the House’s impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden, citing concerns about corruption. “The corruption is really, really troubling when you have that many millions of dollars flowing into his family’s coffers,” he noted.

He then went on to defend the House’s right to pursue the inquiry and pointed out the substantial evidence available for this investigation. “I mean, look, we could sit here and talk about the proper role of the impeachment, but they opened this on Trump based on a phone call to Ukraine. There’s way more evidence for this one, and they’ve got a lot of investigatory work to do, but I think they should pursue it,” he stated.

Last Tuesday, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) launched a formal impeachment inquiry into Biden.

Although many House Republicans support the impeachment effort, some have distanced themselves from it, including Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO), who expressed reservations, stating that some Republicans are eager to impeach President Biden. 

In an op-ed, Buck argued that the proceedings are just as flawed as the 2019 impeachment of former President Donald Trump, which he refers to as “a disgrace to the Constitution and a disservice to Americans.”

Trump also weighed in on the impeachment inquiry, suggesting it might be motivated by revenge for his own impeachment.

“I think had they not done it to me, and I’m very popular, they like me and I like them, the Republican Party, perhaps you wouldn’t have it being done to them,” he remarked, hinting at potential indictments looming for the current president.