Dems Have Allegedly POSTPONED Build Back Better To Focus On A PHONY Voting Rights Bill

Democrats have allegedly postponed Build Back Better for the year after failing to enact their welfare-state extension with a simple majority. Prepare for the whole left-wing apparatus lawmakers and the establishment press to shift their focus from the phony “social safety net” bill to the phony “voting rights” bill. Senator Bernie Sanders, the chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, told reporters earlier today that passing a “voting rights” measure was now more crucial than ever.

The “Jim Crow 2.0” slur, which is directed at the Twittersphere, will only serve to erode public trust in elections. Democrats can continue to regard voter ID laws as poll taxes, but most Americans, he claims, favor them. The emotional allure of the demagogic myth that “democracy” is under threat in states that apply basic norms of voting integrity does not hold up to investigation.

Moreover, Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, both moderates, are unlikely to derail a Senate rule to appease the far left. However, the manufactured “voting rights” emergency is also intended to pave the way for the legislative filibuster to be blown away. Senator Mark Warner (D-Virginia) wrote a letter to Mitch McConnell in 2017 pleading with him to save the filibuster’s “current rules, practices, and traditions.”

Therefore, It’s uncertain if Senate Democrats could muster the numbers to approve a “voting rights” measure similar to HR 1, which would overturn hundreds of current laws. According to Avlonner, the Senate’s odds of dismantling the judiciary are still slim. It does, however, demonstrate the radicalism and tone-deafness of many modern Democrats who are denied the luxury of shouting against Trump daily. The more Democrats attempted to sell it, the less popular it became, so they opted to win the Twitter vote.