Dems And Joe Biden’s Immense Failures Set Up A 2022 Reckoning

“America has returned!” A year ago, Joe Biden promised to restore America’s “role in the world” if elected. As for international gatherings and signing meaningless joint statements. That is, he hasn’t achieved anything else.

It appears that the world has been struggling with a terrible virus. Around 6 million people have died due to negligence at a Chinese biological research facility two winters ago. China still deceives the globe. After four months of being trapped in Afghanistan, our botched capitulation shows America is no longer willing to fight, train, or even leave competent security personnel anywhere in the nation. This catastrophic political miscalculation shows that America no longer keeps its promises as a superpower. They want foreign policy stories on the main page because they are foolish and uneducated.

It will take decades to cope with the implications of Biden’s Afghanistan gaffe. Biden says he got the Democratic presidential nomination because he is not a socialist, yet he has taken no stand against his party’s evil left wing. Joe Biden was not picked to be FDR, as seen by the Democrats’ terrible defeats in the House and only securing a Senate split through reckless runoff elections. No coattails for Biden. He seemed pleased to encourage everyone to wear masks, commence the immunizations his predecessor had started, and cross his fingers that the infection would disappear.

By the end of the year, Biden was threatening unvaccinated Americans. Over 85% of American people have had at least one vaccine since the outbreak began, yet community transmission is at its highest level since the shots went on sale. People hope this is COVID’s last gasp, and they all will be immune, and the virus won’t be able to infect anyone anymore. Because the House majority is so tiny and the Senate is deadlocked, the administration refuses to accept reality. Following the radical democrats’ interpretation of the 2020 results, liberal Democrats seized an additional $6 trillion in government dollars, promoted critical race theory in schools, funded abortions with public monies, blamed the police, and pushed through policy reforms that the people detested. They were all a significant flop.

The country has encountered continuous border concerns, inflationary pressures, supply chain challenges, labor shortages, and general melancholy in its first year of democracy. Following the 2021 elections, it’s feasible that Republicans will retake the governorships they lost in 2018 and dominate legislative races across the country. That’s what’s occurred under Joe Biden’s dumb government and his lunatic party.