Democrats Sharing Valentine’s Day Cards Is So ‘Cringy’

Several Valentine’s Day cards were published on social media by the Democratic National Committee. One contains the words, “I love you more than President Biden loves ice cream,” and displays a photo of President Joe Biden. “You’re the MVP of my heart,” says one with a picture of Vice President Kamala Harris.

According to the reports, Valentine’s cards addressed to White House staffers include a portrait of President Joe Biden with the lines “Be mine Doug” and “Biden my time to be with you this Valentine’s Day.”

Moreover, Valentine’s Day is becoming increasingly difficult to afford due to inflation. One commenter wrote, “He’d want to meet the person who truly sends their love on one of them.” Another tweet exclaims, “That’s it, he now openly endorses putting all Democrats to Gitmo for Cringe against Humanity.”

“Find someone who will deliver for them as Democrats do,” the Democratic National Committee writes on Valentine’s Day cards to its supporters. On Instagram, the party also shared a photo of DNC Chair Jaime Harrison and an extra card with a photo of her.

One Instagram user remarked, “Cringe level off the charts LMFAO. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the consumer price index increased by 7.5 percent over a year. It was the most significant 12-month gain since February 1982.

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