Democrats Playing Game With The Latest COVID Hysteria

People would be led to believe that they are amid yet another massive and lethal COVID variation if they listened to the hyperbole and hysteria spread by Democrats and their media backers. Indeed, there is no difference between what Americans are watching now and what they saw half a year ago when there were over 3000 fatalities each day. Like an addiction, fear of infection is once again on the rise due to the Delta form of Covid-19.

According to the 7-day rolling average, the US is at approximately 250 deaths each day. At this stage, the levels are so low that they are more than ten times more likely to die from heart disease than COVID. The present hysteria from both the administration and the media is devoid of facts compared to last January when America had roughly 3,500 deaths per day.

What we currently have is an outbreak fueled entirely by the over-testing of asymptomatic individuals. Case numbers should not be used to evaluate mitigation techniques because they are unrelated to the outcomes that matter. For example, Florida has seen a surge in COVID cases, even though the most susceptible groups are almost entirely vaccinated. As a result, practically no one is dying or becoming severely ill due to the current wave of Delta Variant.

These findings are critical because they show the anti-scientific nature of those seeking power via the Delta variant. Vaccines are advantageous. Natural immunity is also effective. Because of the enormous number of people who obtained those two items, it is apparent that they have herd immunity. As a result, all who assert that they will revert to last year’s conditions are simply delusory.

Moreover, reintroducing unsuccessful mitigating measures such as lockdowns and mask requirements is not justified based on the data. Apart from the reality, the Americans are nowhere near a crisis. Masks, as well as lockdowns, are patently ineffective. Furthermore, the Democrats, along with their supporters, are plotting schemes. They are aware that the data do not support their assertions. However, they wish to create the impression that COVID is going to sweep the state.

Additionally, they wish to use unrelated case totals to criticize opponents such as Ron DeSantis. Therefore, this should not deceive anyone. There is no crisis, and the outbreak of Covid- 19 has been brought to a close in most cases.