Democrats Now Claim Credit For Results Of Something They Fought Against Earlier

Mehdi Hasan, MSNBC’s resident terrorist sympathizer and Qatari propagandist tweeted the news with joy, chastising anyone who would dare to support the progress in light of the country’s record-high inflation. Weekly unemployment claims have fallen to their lowest level in more than 50 years, according to Democrats and their media allies.

According to reports, there is a significant divide between Democrats and Republicans regarding extending unemployment benefits. The expanded benefits expired in September, and claims have dropped dramatically since then. It was hoped that this would encourage individuals to seek a job, and it appears to be succeeding.

Moreover, the Democrats want to take credit for the extension of increased unemployment benefits, despite their opposition as a matter of principle. Republicans sought to keep individuals on the jobless lists. “See what we did!” they want to exclaim now.

Also worth noting is that the workforce participation rate is around two points lower than before the epidemic. Many folks are already unemployed and are not actively seeking a job. Because only so many people can file claims, the country would always hit a low point in terms of new jobless claims.

Furthermore, let us take note of the callousness with which these media elites, and at times the White House, ignore the topic of inflation. They are continuously lying about the figures, claiming that there isn’t an issue. They can’t, however, tell someone what’s in their wallet. It’s far too concrete a metric.