Democrats Get ‘Big Mad’ That Republicans Won’t Do Their Dirty Work For Them

The democrats are hell-bent on getting the Republicans to play along in their plea to raise the debt ceiling as it reaches $28 trillion. They are also making efforts to have the $3.5 trillion passed as a reconciliation bill.

The Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has called Mitch McConnell, the Senate Minority Leader, to get the Republicans to play with the debt ceiling raised by congress but has already been shut down by him. He has openly declined to be a part of the democrats’ efforts in blowing up the national budget and has made it clear they are on their own. Now the Democrats are using the media to paint the picture that the GOP is betraying the state.

The GOP, a minority in the Senate, doesn’t have any real power to allow anything, yet the Democrats are pissed off that Republicans won’t do their dirty work. They can have the debt ceiling increased through reconciliation all by themselves, but they are not doing so. Nancy Pelosi has completely ruled out the possibility, and here’s why. Suppose the Democrats have the debt ceiling increased and pass the reconciliation bill, in which case the Republicans will have to deal with their share of the $28 trillion debt. In that case, if the whole thing comes crashing down. The government runs out of funding authority, the economy goes into a congressionally forced lockdown, and the only ones to be blamed will be the democrats and the Biden Administration.

Pelosi is barely in any position to get her way with McConnell due to what she pulled two years ago during Trump’s regime regarding his first impeachment. While Democrats hold enough votes to increase the debt ceiling, they will not jump into the whole thing as they all know that the party in power shall be wholly to blame. The GOP should not be obliged to participate in this, but the media will continue to blame them for this selfish façade for as long as possible.