Democrats Failure To Pass Infrastructure Is ‘Tough Blow To Biden’, Says ABC News Reporter

After delayed and extensive negotiations among the Dems regarding the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, Biden could not arrange a unanimous vote among the people of his party. The Democrats are incredibly disappointed after not meeting the self-imposed deadline till Thursday to have the bill passed just because Biden could not unite the factions of his party over the bipartisan infrastructure deal. Terry Morgan of ABC News reported the whole situation as ‘more than messy.’ 

Nancy Pelosi had organized a vote on the infrastructure bill on Thursday that already has bipartisan support in congress. On the other hand, the progressives were adamant about having Biden’s ‘Build Back Better Agenda’ passed by the Senate and would not vote for the infrastructure bill before that. Free community college tuition, child care, universal pre-K, medicare expansion, paid family and medical leave, and Biden’s climate change program are all part of the Build Back Better plan. Overall, it makes up for the $3.5 trillion spending measure that Democrats planned to approve in the Senate via budget reconciliation.

The genuine hurdle faced by the Administration was Manchin and Sinema’s non-correspondence in voting for the additional spending and agreed on the infrastructure bill only. They were worried that the government’s $3.5 trillion spending spree would cause devastating inflation levels, increasing prices of everyday commodities. Nevertheless, the progressive remain adamant about having the reconciliation bill cleared before passing the infrastructure bill. The Chairman of the Senate Budget Committee himself stated that either both bills progress together or none. Well, that’s what happened. Dems lost both, and Biden’s reputation is once again in the mud for not being able to do so much as receiving a unanimous vote among people of his party.