Democrats Are Using The Race Card To Defend Kamala Harris

Only 28% of Americans think Vice President Kamala Harris is doing a good job. In the history of polling, no vice president has ever fared so poorly. Democrats are frantically trying to save their heir-apparent to the throne before it’s too late.

Kamala Harris has been crying about being underused, but what else could Biden do with her almost non-existent professional skills? In reality, Harris has mainly turned down the positions that Biden has offered her. Rather than accepting responsibility, she repurposed the position to focus on regional security.

Moreover, Biden has made a great effort to ensure that she receives high-profile exposure, such as her recent trip to France. Of course, she wasn’t allowed near a negotiation table, but she looked fantastic performing the grip and grin with President Macron.

According to Jen Psaki, Some conservatives have targeted Kamala Harris more aggressively because she is the first female and African-American deputy press secretary. White House press secretary made the remarks on Politico’s “Women Rule” podcast. Being a first-time, non-white, female White House press secretary, Psaki adds, “It’s a lot to have on your shoulders.”

When Democrats use the race and gender card against Harris, it’s worth remembering how former Secretary of State Condi Rice avoided answering questions about her gender or ethnicity because she thought they were offensive.

Furthermore, because she is a non-white woman, Kamala Harris was chosen as Vice President. She’s despised because, except for those facts, she has nothing to recommend to her. Because Kamala Harris is a talentless mediocrity, there is no viable way to “use” her.

“The reason Kamala Harris is being attacked is that she is a Black woman in high office,” best-selling author Don Winslow said. In contrast, former Democratic congressional nominee Pam Keith said, “Many people who would swear they aren’t racist or bigot, can only cope with and accept Black women in subordinate roles.”