Democrats Are Using ‘Schoolhouse Rock’ To Promote Build Back Better Agenda

The Biden Administration is going out of the way to have the Build Back Better agenda passed. So much so, they have taken Bill out of Schoolhouse Rock to sell the plan. The BBB The Bill is literally in front of the House, and people feel various emotions. Many people are making fun of the show, and some are even calling out the Rock to do an episode on the national debt.

Using a children’s animated series to promote a political cause is the most desperate attempt to have the Bill passed. The Biden Administration has been selling the plan by saying that it will not cost a cent as it worried the Dems and Republicans alike. The Americans are still not entirely convinced with the BBB agenda with the hiked gasoline prices, and party members Sinema and Manchin are against the agenda. There is only hope to place the Rock in front of the White House with a White T-shirt that says, BBB Bill. This act is sure to make headlines for the coming week, but will it change people’s minds?

Maybe if Biden had a solid plan to cure inflation or generate employment instead of lying about the people going back to their jobs as newly created employment, the Americans might consider voting Democrat in the upcoming midterms of 2022. Until then, Republicans seem to be securing a majority in a lot of states. As for the Rock part, the idea is a flop from the start but will make some subtweets on Twitter.