Democrats Are ‘Not Concerned’ About Judicial Ideology, They Are Only ‘Interested In Outcomes’

“Biden stated he won’t choose an ‘ideological’ Supreme Court candidate,” wrote Pomona College Professor Amanda Hollis-Brusky in a Washington Post essay. At first look, this appears to be pro-Democrat propaganda about how Republican justices are ideologues, whereas Democrats merely come up with entirely fair common-sense decisions for God’s sake. This non-ideological approach contrasts sharply with recent Republican Presidents, such as Donald Trump, who overtly valued ideology in federal court nominations.

Moreover, Republicans demand that their judicial appointees have beliefs and philosophy of the proper function of judges, but Democrats do not. They want judges who vote the correct way. However, if you are one of the few individuals who read past the title and the first few lines, you will find the actual bottom line. Democratic politicians and people want judges who will provide the results they desire, regardless of the legal reasons used to get there. Republicans seek justices with a consistent judicial philosophy, hoping that a faithful reading of the written Constitution would produce their desired outcomes.

The current Democratic Party coalition of social groupings, group leaders, and policy demanders. The Republican Party may be viewed as a vehicle for a conservative intellectual movement geared toward dismantling government. The Federalist Society and the conservative legal doctrine of originalism have prompted some on the legal left to build an ideological response.

Furthermore, Democrats and Republicans have vastly different perspectives, with the latter perceiving themselves as bound by symbolic, ideological commitments to freedom, minimal government, and individual liberty. Republican leaders watch out for their party’s interests and appeal to a broad spectrum of people. In contrast, Democratic leaders regard themselves as responsible for specific voting blocs and delivering on their policy demands.