Democrats Are Cheering For Donald Trump

According to the New York Times editorial board, Donald Trump has been the biggest threat to American democracy since World War II. What worries them even more is the possibility that Trump will not seek re-election in 2024 and that Joe Biden will defeat him. In any case, the prospect of Trump beating Joe Biden in 2020 scared these folks.

According to the Washington Post, Democratic contributor Barry Goodman, who worked on Biden’s national finance committee during the 2020 campaign, and many other party donors “hope that Trump runs.” According to Goodman, because Trump is an existential threat to democracy, the American people “will not put that autocrat in power again,” regardless of whom the Democrats pick in 2024. If it seems familiar, it’s because, in 2016, several Democrats made a similar argument.

The Lincoln Project, a discredited Democratic super PAC and neo-Nazi cosplay group, actively assure Trump’s nomination and victory. “We believe that if we reduce the field to only Trump in 2024, Americans will have an easy decision,” adds co-founder Rick Wilson. Since January, the leftist news network has lost about 80% of its audience, and it may be more desperate than anybody else for Trump to run again. The network’s constant coverage of his every statement provided him with free media exposure worth billions of dollars.

Moreover, Outraged leftists would donate to the Democratic Party and connected super PACs. CNN would profit if it broadcasted lengthier videos of Trump rallies, telling viewers why they should be angry. It’s unclear who Democrats will pick to face Trump if he decides to run again and wins the GOP nominee. Biden, who recently turned 79, persists in seeking re-election. Kamala Harris, the Vice President, has a 28 percent approval rating. Pete Buttigieg, the Transportation Secretary, is a shell of a guy whose previous campaign suffered in states where less than 90% of the population is white.