Democratic Rep. Jonathan Carroll Has Proposed That Unvaccinated Patients Pay Their COVID Care

Representative Jonathan Carroll, a Democrat from Illinois, has proposed that unvaccinated people pay their hospital bills because they “clog up the health care system.” In retrospect, it’s an excellent idea. Try to imagine what could happen. We could make obese people foot the bill for their heart disease care as an option. We could compel smokers to foot the bill for their lung disease treatment. Alcoholics could be made to foot the bill for their medical care in the case of liver disease. There could be a long list. It is impossible because we live in a civilized society rather than a jungle.

Using sick people as political pawns may be the most disgusting proposal to come out of the pandemic. Furthermore, we’re finding that more and more people who have been vaccinated are experiencing breakthrough infections, and more and more of those infections are severe. It is no longer a disease that affects only those who haven’t had their shots. Illinois law would need to be changed to get around some of the legal roadblocks to making sick people pay their hospital bills.

In a conversation with his wife, Carroll came up with legislation that would alter Illinois’s insurance code. The proposed two-page bill would bring insurance policies issued or renewed after January 2023 up to date. Several public figures and celebrities have advocated for excluding unvaccinated people from the hospital. Still, Carroll’s bill appears to be the first of its kind that requires those who have not been immunized to pay for their hospital bills if they have covid. He said, “a world where covid is here to stay. Those who don’t create new strains and spread the disease. We’ve tried a slew of incentives and conversations to get people to get vaccines, but no one seems to be paying attention. It is a decision I made for myself, and it has ramifications.”

If Carroll is trying to come up with a solution to a problem, denying the unvaccinated sick of hospitalization is a far better option than making them pay for their care. A lengthy stay in intensive care would be unaffordable for anyone but the very wealthy. Insurers would avoid the expense of treating the vast majority of COVID patients who have not been vaccinated.

Many more COVID patients would likely die if they weren’t taken care of. Unvaccinated patients can’t “clog up the healthcare system” if they’re already dead.