Democratic Mayor Of Border Town Slams Biden’s Immigration Failure As ‘An Embarrassment’ To The Country, Says Things Were Better ‘Under Trump’

President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party have been chastised by the mayor of Laredo, Texas, for failing to protect the US-Mexico border. Mayor Pete Saenz accused his political party of ignoring the problem and favoring other interest groups over local border communities. Every month, tens of thousands of migrants enter the nation, frequently carrying sickness with them, and Saenz claims things were better under President Donald Trump.

Instead, they propose trillions of dollars in government expenditure that will do little to strengthen physical border security or sustain CBP operations. Border communities are bearing the brunt of the migrant inflow strain.

Carlos Saenz, the Mayor of Nogales, believes Democrats have the same attitude toward the Border Patrol when defunding law enforcement. Saenz said that we’re spending billions of dollars on other things, but immigration isn’t a priority. He claims that the answer is to remove the motivation for people to travel to the border and apply for asylum.

To minimize overcrowding in the United States, Mayor Ruben Saenz of Laredo, Texas, proposes that asylum claimants be processed virtually from their place of origin. The Biden administration has not responded to Saenz’s request for information on any plans for a “virtual wall” or other measures to halt the flow of illegal immigration. Residents in Laredo are becoming tired of Democrats’ false promises, especially as the city’s fire department is compelled to act as a shuttle for migrants dropped down by charity and government agencies.

Rep. Ruben Navarrette Saenz, D-North Carolina, who represents a district encompassing portions of Mexico and Central America, believes a physical wall on the US-Mexico border would “buy time, so to speak,” for law enforcement. “It’s a tremendous shame for us as a country right now,” Saenz said of the current issue. “You know we’re capable of so much more.”