Democratic Governors Are Scared Of Ron DeSantis

Democratic governors, faced with the reality of the Republican monopoly on Florida, are considering taking extreme measures to save other governors who are in jeopardy. The Democratic Party is considering supporting a write-in candidate instead of a candidate for governor.

In a wave election, no Democrat will be safe at any level. The Democratic governors’ action indicates a growing recognition that DeSantis is so powerful in Florida that the Democrats are losing ground. Florida was formerly considered a “swing state,” but  Donald Trump’s victories in 2016 and 2020 rendered it a hostile environment for Democrats.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has risen to prominence in the Republican Party due to his Ebola outbreak management and opposition to government overreach. As a result, he’s already gaining support as a prospective Republican presidential candidate in 2024. An unidentified Democratic governor employee told Politico, “DeSantis isn’t the easiest incumbent to defeat.”

Democrats are sure to lose governorships in Massachusetts and Maryland, but they may also lose governorships in Wisconsin and Michigan, resulting in a net gain of zero seats. Another major issue for Democratic governors is that they do not raise as much money as Republicans do.

Democrats haven’t held the governorship in more than two decades in Florida, although they’ve come close recently. In 2014, Charlie Crist lost by one point to Rick Scott, who had invested $15 million of his own money in the contest. After a recount, Democrat Andrew Gillum was defeated by Republican Ron DeSantis by barely 40,000 votes in 2018.

Even if the Biden BBB and infrastructure ideas pass, the boost in popularity would most likely be fleeting. Unlike tax cuts, which are a political gift that keeps on giving, huge government expenditure causes concern among both the appreciative and the unthankful. People are furious and uneasy if there is one main lesson from the elections. And, like all voters, they’re blaming the ones who put them into this problem in the first place.