Dem Rep. Says Term ‘Pedophile’ Is Discriminatory

In a Congressional hearing on the topic of anti-LGBT violence, Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA) reiterated the same claim that several members of the LGBT movement made, namely that the term ‘groomer,’ as well as ‘pedophile,’ are derogatory to LGBT men and women.

At the House Oversight and Reform Committee’s hearing, Porter claimed the term “groomer” is used to harass and discriminate against LGBTQ+ people. It makes them appear to be a “threat.” “You know, this allegation of ‘groomer’ and ‘pedophile,’ it is alleging that a person is criminal somehow and engaged in criminal acts merely because of their gender identity, their sexual orientation, their gender identity,” Porter claimed.

With help from Human Rights Campaign (HRC) President Kelley Robinson, the Democrat complained that Twitter allows such “dangerous” language. “This is not just about what happens online. What happens online translates into real harms in people’s lives,” Porter proclaimed.

Leftists have not only tolerated pedophilia but have categorized it like other sexual identities such as queer, pansexual, and intersex with Twitter as the central advertising platform. However, when Twitter CEO Elon Musk announced that he wanted to protect children against predators, he was attacked and called a far-right extremist.

The phenomenon has reached worldwide. The police in the UK spend time shielding convicted pedophiles from ‘hate’ and enforcing ‘correct’ pronoun usage. One Irish teacher has been jailed for refusing to use the pronouns ‘they/them’ at one student’s request.

Schools across the U.S. have faced battles with parents over books and subject matter, including transgenderism, pedophilia and open gay pornography. There are several children’s books that contain graphic depictions of oral sex between gay men and other materials that are unsuitable for children.

Since taking on school officials, parents across the nation have been attacked by leftists, government entities, law enforcement, and even the military. It is called ‘book banning’ when inappropriate content has been removed.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) raised the issue of children undergoing transgender surgeries and the propaganda that has caused young Americans to think they don’t have the right body. “Who is responsible for telling a four-year-old that we need to talk about their gender and whether they’re in the appropriate body?” Paul asked. “It’s Democrat politicians and woke left-wing people,” Paul asserted.