Dem Leader Gives Biden A Pass On Disastrous Illegal Alien Policies Because Of How He Identifies

Joe Biden has demonstrated that he is a one-person wrecking team. While droning innocent Afghans, he has shattered their friends’ goodwill and weakened the NATO relationship. In Afghanistan, Americans and green card holders have been abandoned behind Taliban enemy lines.

Because Joe Biden opted to succumb to the enemy and toss away American sacrifice, the Taliban flag flew again in Kabul, Afghanistan. Girls and boys are being recruited as “brides” and “chai boys,” and bodies are once again being hung from cranes in the public plaza.

While Americans are advised to get a Covid shot and present their documents, pregnant women are given a free ticket to travel across the nation. The southern border of the United States scarcely exists, as thousands of primarily fighting-age males flood across and are handed a ticket to somewhere else, no Covid test, and money if they’re caught at all.

It is the worst type of manufactured humanitarian calamity, but it’s all been done on purpose. Democrats have devised a strategy to profit politically from actions that hollow out America, dilute Americans’ votes, and expand welfare. To arrogate power to their party and keep Americans on the plantation laboring to pay for this generational crime, they use Other People’s Money to play Santa Claus to all the new illegal aliens.

Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal is the chair of the so-called “Progressive Caucus,” whose objective is to transform the country that has served as a light of democracy and liberty across the world. She encouraged Joe Biden to spend billions of dollars on infrastructure to rebuild America in the image of the Left. She got teary-eyed as she talked of her own immigration experience when her parents reportedly sent their 16-year-old daughter to the United States without any contacts or money.

According to the reporters, Sally Kohn said that It was a wonderful experience. In the Oval Office, he sobbed about how much he cared for the unnamed refugees or terrorists he’d flown in and the horde of people he’d let through the southern border. Sarah Huckabee Sanders said that one of his most endearing qualities is his kindness. And I believe we were both present at that time.

Joe Biden’s “identity as an immigrant” makes him untouchable on immigration reform, according to Victoria Taft. Most of us think Taft is insane when he claims that millions of Americans “connect with the immigrant experience.”