Defund Police Advocate Fled Home For ‘Safety’ Reasons

Another leftist “defund the police” radical bolted for the exits quickly after falling victim to violence. Witnessing a pair of crimes before being robbed herself was enough for NYC Assemblywoman Yuh-Line Niou.

The radical progressive candidate for the U.S. House advocates to “defund millions from the police” to fund “social services, education, and housing.” Measures that were tried two years ago with results so predictable but painful that even President Biden wants to “refund” the police.

The most amusing aspect of her stand to strip the police of funding is her admitted reaction to violence while a resident of Harlem. Niou admitted she faced “safety issues” while living “near the projects” in 2016. Manhattan, here she comes.

She fled to a $2.6 million apartment in the Financial District to live with her then-boyfriend and now wants to represent lower Manhattan in Congress. Along the way, she hopes to neuter law enforcement in the city she purports to represent.

It is easy for people who live in bubbles to endorse policies that do not affect them in the slightest. What is repeatedly demonstrated are the savage consequences of defunding police, and they are borne by those who need protection the most.

In one interview, Niou said she saw a girl raped on a pile of garbage in Harlem across from where she lived. She also recalls seeing a man slam another girl’s head into an ATM before robbing her.

Her political stand and personal actions are so hypocritical, even Democrats are taking notice.

State assemblywoman Inez Dickens mocked Niou for escaping to Manhattan for feeling unsafe and then advocating to defund the police. Dickens added “there are times when I feel unsafe,” but she did not leave her community.

Community activist Matt Thomas is smart enough to see that people do not always have a “woke” response when face-to-face with violent crime. He told the New York Post that “this is a rather amusing illustration of that.”

To summarize, a resident of Harlem witnesses horrific crimes and flees to a multi-million dollar apartment in Manhattan. So far, so good. But then that resident, who is also a progressive radical politician, cries out to defund the police, stripping victims of critical protection. That is textbook hypocrisy.