DC is Feeling the Sting of Illegal Immigration

Under the Biden administration, border states like Texas have been getting hit very hard with illegal immigration. This has created a nightmare for Border Patrol officials who are scrambling to mitigate this crisis.

Unfortunately, border officials aren’t getting much help from the White House. Multiple reports indicate the Biden administration is considering distributing ID cards to illegal immigrants. This doesn’t do anything to reduce incentives for people to come to the border.

However, due to inaction from the federal government, Texas has been making some moves of its own. One vital move entails sending illegal immigrants over to Washington DC for Biden and his aides to deal with.

Now, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser (D) is complaining about the impact this has on her community.

DC Meets Illegal Immigrants
Bowser isn’t happy about Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s (R) decision to have illegal immigrants sent over to her city. The Democratic mayor recently made an appeal to the Biden administration for National Guard assistance, stating that DC is overwhelmed.

After specifically slamming both Texas and Arizona, Bowser declared that without support from the federal government, DC will soon be unable to maintain its social support network.

Abbott, on the other hand, shot back at Bowser. The Texas governor explained that what DC faces is just a sliver of what his state is being constantly bombarded with.

Following up, Abbott said the DC mayor should direct her outrage toward Biden’s border policies, rather than lashing out against Texas.

Within the past 12 weeks, thousands of migrants have been sent to DC from both Texas and Arizona. Like Texas, Arizona is also suffering the very real impacts of illegal immigration.

Only the Beginning?
Despite Bowser’s latest complaints, Abbott has been clear that he won’t stand by and let illegal immigration run Texas into the ground. This is why the Republican governor is standing by his policy of sending illegal immigrants to DC.

Ahead of these transfers, the Biden administration was warned by Abbott that he’d have migrants sent to DC if illegal immigration continued. The administration’s response to this was to accuse the GOP governor of staging a publicity stunt.

Now, the White House can see that Abbott wasn’t bluffing.