David Hogg Is Organizing A ‘Boycott Of All’ Of America

In a recent tweetstorm, David Hogg, one of the student activists who a rampage shooter victimized at his high school in Parkland, Florida, suggested that many young people disillusioned with the state of U.S. politics today might consider packing their bags and moving to another country to take up residence.

On Thursday, Hogg asked:

“Anyone else knows young people who are American seriously considering leaving the country to start a new life because of the state of politics in us?”

It’s an older meme, Hogg, but it checks out.

With every swing of the pendulum in U.S. politics, there are always some who suggest they’ll “just move to Canada” or some other country because they don’t like the television character the electorate has cast in the role of Big Brother, that lovable, strong, and helpful leader who doesn’t care if you’re gay or trans (probably even likes that about you), for the next quadrennial.

That does seem to me, after reading through all of the relevant literature (e.g., minutes from State Department meetings), the most crucial role the POTUS plays in the union today: Assuring everyone that the U.S. entirely and unequivocally wants to take your tax dollars (or give you tax dollars) regardless of how gay or homo-curious you are.

Do we suffer nationally from so foul a conscience concerning the modern mores that we need so much reassurance? And from the top? Are we so ridiculous that getting forgiveness, validation, or whatever from a politician we’ve never met will do for that?

Anyway, in 2016, The Hollywood Reporter listed “20 stars who pledged to flee the country if Trump was elected.” Whoopi Goldberg, Barbra Streisand, and Cher said they’d leave if Donald Trump became president. (Didn’t nobody go.)

By 2019, Gallup found 22% of survey respondents (40% of the women under 30) saying they would move permanently to another country after Trump became president.

By June 2020, when feelings about the election started to run high, 31% of respondents to a YouGov poll of 6,600 U.S. adults said they were somewhat or strongly interested in moving to Canada if their candidate lost. (Democrats were more likely to abandon their country in the event of election loss.)

In his recent tweetstorm on the idea, Hogg said he knows people considering making a move. Okay, so maybe he’s not organizing a boycott, but he is thinking about his future and where he is “going to raise kids,” so he’s getting a head start on planning if that abortion ruling moves up his timetable for making babies.

It would be a very welcome and most laudable course of action for members of the rising generation or any that currently inhabit this country, who are opposed in principle to free speech, religious tolerance, limited government, individual liberty, the constitutional rule of law, due process, capitalism, free markets, state-powered federalism, or the right to bear arms.

To find a country somewhere on Earth that is suitable to them and has a form of government they are happier about supporting and emigrating. The world is full of beautiful countries, abundant with beautiful people, who have contrived many different forms of government. Most of them are frequently lauded by U.S. progressives for having a superior one to ours in many regards.