David Frum Unintentionally Exposes The Vacancy Of Never-Trump Conservatives

Fill a black Stetson with all of the names of people who oppose Donald Trump. This thought experiment allows BK, Jennifer Rubin, Max Boot, Nicolle Wallace, and Matthew Dowd. There are several others, so continue stuffing them into the Texan chapeau. This group shares similar characteristics in terms of design and lack of quality. They all detest the former president, but is there more? There is scorn for people who adhere to Republican policies and outright contempt for those who do not.

Moreover, there are assertions about what constitutes conservative values and what does not. There is widespread support for Joe Biden and the Democratic Party in general. David Frum’s piece, titled “What the Never Trumpers Want Now,” eloquently demonstrates their qualifications. Additionally, Frum delivered his column, which is noteworthy not for revealing his movement’s positions but also for admitting to them. His opening says plenty, indicating that this is not intended to win over minds to his side but to explain away their persistent contrarian position and justifying an allegiance with the Democrat party.

Many conservatives and Republicans who were taken aback by Trump’s presidency held to the notion that the lunacy would pass and politics would return to normal. Still, normalcy has not been restored. Moreover, David Frum’s column offers a feeble explanation for the Republican Party’s shortcomings. He overlooks Republican victories in the House of Representatives, state legislatures, and unprecedented returns among minority voters.

Dave and his colleagues disliked Trump before the event. It’s astounding to use it as a guiding concept now. Worse still, they included Biden, a president who has flagrantly broken constitutional standards on many occasions in recent months. It is only the beginning of private companies adopting OSHA as a “workaround.” Biden regards the Constitution as a mere inconvenience and has indicated his intention to abdicate his solemn duty to preserve it.

The rationale is that the GOP has abandoned conservative values. Whether you’re searching for a more pure brand of conservatism, Joe Biden’s party is not the place to look. Nothing in the Democratic program justifies this newly acquired allegiance.

On Saturday, Nov. 12, 2016, in Jacksonville, anti-Trump demonstrators begin their march from Hemming Park to the Florida Times-Union offices. These commentators have never succeeded in promoting or endorsing a politician running on a conservative platform. Even when Joe Walsh mounted a feeble campaign against Trump in 2020, these sage-like experts were absent. An organization that claims to be so ethical and prominent has failed to deliver ideas.

If this movement succeeds in pushing conservative principles and qualified candidates, it will be the first time in more than a half-dozen years. Rather than that, they form an alliance with a political party that will have little patience for them once the election is done.