Dan Rather Slammed For Complaining About CNN Firings

Serious changes are happening at CNN. Amid the network maintaining a consistently negative reputation for overt bias in favor of the left, CEO Chris Licht is working to change things.

Licht recently released a memo to CNN staffers, letting them know changes they may not appreciate or understand are coming. According to multiple reports, Licht has also been speaking with conservative lawmakers to get their views on the direction the network should go.

As Licht cleans house, Democrats aren’t pleased at all. Many claim they’re done with CNN, which they believe has turned into a watered-down version of Fox News.

However, a recent social media post put out by former news anchor Dan Rather regarding CNN’s new changes has supremely backfired on him.

A Deeply Unpopular Take
Days ago, Rather took to Twitter, demanding an explanation for what’s happening with CNN. The former news anchor then followed up by declaring many people are just guessing at this point before asking if CNN’s “audience” is noticing anything funny.

This didn’t go over so well, though. Many other Twitter users responded to Rather, pointing out that CNN’s audience has greatly withered down within the past couple of years.

Others told the former news anchor that CNN is trying to report news in a clean way, rather than just ripping into conservatives each night.

Of course, Rather did find some supporters within the left-wing that loathe CNN’s move towards more balanced news reporting. Many of these Democrats claim they’ll be getting their news from MSNBC, which also has a reputation for being overtly pro-leftist.

The Underlying Truth
Amid Rather and other Democrats’ complaining about new management at CNN, many conservatives pointed out these people are telling on themselves.

Jeff Charles, a journalist who works for Red State, declared what Democrats really want are media outlets that exclusively cater to them, rather than reporting the actual news.

Charles’ assessment tracks with left-wingers starting “#BoycottCNN” trends online and otherwise panning the network’s CEO for even speaking to Republicans.

Despite Democrats’ interest in CNN retaining its reputation for being a far-left news network, Licht isn’t letting the social media mob dictate his oversight of the company.