Dan Crenshaw EXPOSES Bernie Sanders’ ‘Climate Alarmism’

Bernie Sanders, senator from Vermont since 2007, has time and time again talked about his socialist views. He is the longest-serving independent member of the United States Congress, with close ties to the Democratic Party. Sanders very famously believes in higher taxes, especially for the top 1%. He believes in stricter accountability for corporations, basically wanting to punish corporations for existing in the first place. Along with all this, Sanders also believes climate change should be taken more seriously than right now. He was leading some people to call him a climate alarmist.

On September 13th, Sanders took to Twitter in a fit of misguided anger:

“Oregon is burning. California is burning. Siberia is burning. People are drowning in New York City. Detroit is flooding. There is drought all over the world. This is a climate crisis,” tweeted Senator Bernie Sanders. “The United States must lead the world in transforming our energy system away from fossil fuel.”

However, the right did not have a favorable reaction to his tweet. Understandably so, who would like to listen in silence as Sanders carries on with his baseless scare-mongering?
In particular, Republican Dan Crenshaw, United States Representative for Texas’s 2nd congressional district since 2019. tweeted back saying:

“Ok calm down Bernie, If you believed reducing emissions was this urgent and would somehow mitigate bad weather, then you wouldn’t oppose nuclear energy and carbon capture, would you? “ he continued “ But you do, because for you, it’s actually NOT about climate change, it’s about control.”

Crenshaw refers to the political right’s belief that nuclear energy is the cleanest energy we could hope to have, along with the massive potential for mass production of far more energy than other means of energy have. Which the political Left disagrees with, often citing the horrors that followed Chernobyl, Fukushima, etc.

Alongside this, Nuclear energy barely generates any waste. One must wonder why climate alarmists like Bernie Sanders don’t put nuclear energy on top of his list regarding energy production in every state. Sanders doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Nonetheless, Sanders and the rest of the Left consistently dismiss nuclear energy. Sanders once even went so far as to completely shut down the nuclear power in his state, which led to more coal burning to generate electricity for his state. Leading to many dire consequences, not to mention if he is so against using fossil fuels, why would Sanders deliberately take steps to use more of them? Seems ridiculous to me.

It proves that the Left doesn’t respect the environment, especially not more than the right. Crenshaw is ultimately proven true. The Left, particularly scarce-mongers like Bernie Sanders and AOC, don’t care about the environment. They only care about control. If they can control the production and consumption of energy, they can control everything else, including our personal choices in our daily lives. And if they can do that well, then there is no telling how powerful they can become.