Crime is Rising in Major Cities Across America

Throughout the United States, crime is on the rise. These upticks in lawlessness have been facilitated by left-wing policies that treat criminals like they’re angels while leaving law-abiding Americans unable to defend themselves.

During the 2020 presidential election, Republicans repeatedly warned that if Biden managed to get into the White House, crime would spiral out of control. Unfortunately, these warnings are repeatedly being proven as accurate.

As things currently stand, at least six prominent American cities are on track to surpassing the record crime levels they amassed in 2021.

A Deep Dive Into America’s Serious Crime Crisis
In the following cities, violent acts of lawlessness are increasing and heading towards new annual records: Atlanta, Georgia, New York City, New York, Los Angeles, California, Baltimore, Maryland, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Washington D.C.

All of these communities have the common thread of Democratic leadership. Meanwhile, officials studying crime upticks in these major cities have arrived at the underlying factors driving these new trends.

Thus far, it’s been determined that reduced/defunded police and COVID mandates are among the leading causes of growing crime. Then, one must consider that left-wing district attorneys are going easy on offenders in major cities, refusing to hold them accountable.

Cash bail reform that either eliminates or significantly reduces bail that offenders have to pay to get back on the streets isn’t helping matters either. However, Democratic officials like Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) insist these sorts of policies aren’t causing crime to skyrocket.

As long as Democrats in governor’s offices, district attorney leadership, and other important roles refuse to get tough on crime, lawlessness will persist. It is no wonder that since 2020, many Americans who are able to have been fleeing blue states.

A Pat on the Back From the White House
Actions from the White House are likewise playing a role in crime growing across the nation. Because of high gas prices, police officers in certain cities aren’t able to fully do patrols or answer each 911 call that is made.

When criminals learn of things like this, it sends a message that they can terrorize communities and face a greater likelihood of not being held responsible.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration’s visitor logs reveal that aides have been meeting with activists who openly call to defund and even abolish law enforcement. None of this is in keeping with bringing down crime or making communities safer.