Convoy Of American Truckers Arrives In DC To Protest Against COVID Restrictions

The People’s Convoy of American Truckers has arrived in the nation’s capital to demand that the federal government lift the state of emergency proclaimed at the outset of the COVID outbreak two years ago. Last month, the People’s Convoy began off from Adelanto, California and traveled an estimated 30 miles before coming to a standstill outside the capital on March 5. The convoy is inspired by the Canadian truckers’ Freedom Convoy, which arrived in Ottawa in January to protest vaccination mandate abuses of Canadian liberties and constitutional rights.

Since Sunday, the People’s Convoy, located in Hagerstown, MD and Dominion Raceway, just outside of DC, has been circling the District along the Beltway twice a day. According to local press sources, the convoy presently consists of over 2,000 cars, including several hundred trucks. The demonstration delayed traffic, honked horns and flew the American flag to bring attention to the demonstration.

Moreover, truckers from all around the country participate in a “peaceful and law-abiding transcontinental trek toward the east coast.” According to the convoy’s official Feb. 20 news release, they would be accompanied by “frontline physicians, attorneys, first responders, former military servicemen and women, students, pensioners, moms, dads and children.” Truckers travel together across party and state boundaries and with individuals of all races and creeds.

Therefore, some truckers intend to drive by the White House this week in DC proper, but only “chosen trucks” will do so. “DC, the government, anybody,” one organizer told the New York Post, “may pretend that they have all this opposition for them.” Virginia Governor Tom Wolf said that the flag on the back of his truck would be carried down to Constitution Avenue, between the White House and the Washington Monument. Those interested in joining the convoy may find their route from Hagerstown on its official Facebook page. To avoid any problems, the convoy is working with local police.