Constitutional Convention of States Becoming More Likely

The movement among America’s state legislatures to call for a Convention of the States for the purpose of proposing amendments to the U.S. Constitution has been gaining ground in recent months. A convention could result in any number and type of proposed amendments to restore control of the federal government to the people of the nation.

Nineteen states have already passed resolutions for that purpose. Six other states have passed a resolution in one house of their legislatures and twenty-one more are considering resolutions this year.

The framers of the Constitution built in two distinct methods for amending the governing charter for the federal government. One method has amendments proposed by Congress and then sent to state legislatures for ratification. The second method involves having the states themselves propose the amendments in a convention prior to ratification.

According to Article V of the Constitution, a state convention can be called when two-thirds of the states resolve that a convention is needed to propose amendments. Any amendments proposed in such a convention must be ratified by three-fourths of the states to become part of the Constitution.

There has not yet been an Article V Convention of the States called for in the nation’s history. All twenty-seven amendments have been proposed by Congress and then ratified by the state legislatures.

The current movement to call for a convention began slowly in 2014, with the legislatures of Alaska, Florida, and Georgia passing resolutions for that purpose. The corporate media and almost all Democrats have consistently ignored the movement.

States have been becoming more aware in recent years that relying on Congress to control itself or rein in its excesses will never get anywhere. As a result, more people have been pressing their state representatives to join the movement to retake control of the federal government.

Forty-six states have either passed resolutions to call for a convention or will consider resolutions this year, placing the needed thirty-four well within reach.

The organization Convention of States Action based in Texas has been promoting legislative resolutions calling for a convention around the country. The group has also identified some of the amendments it would like to see proposed in a convention, including new fiscal restraints on federal spending and borrowing, limits to federal power and court jurisdiction, and term limits for lawmakers and appointed officials.

The issues Convention of States Action has identified will never become the subject of amendments proposed by Congress because they would necessarily limit Congress’s power. The American people must act through the states to bring new amendments to the table that will effectively pull back the power of the federal government.