Conservatives Keep On ‘Uncovering’ 2020 Election ‘Wickedness’ In Michigan

The secretary of Michigan asserts that the 2020 election was the safest in history. Many citizens’ observations and sworn testimony contradict this assumption. Conservatives are continuing their efforts to reveal election law violations, fraud, and misconduct in Michigan.

Jocelyn Benson, the Secretary of State, enabled a political group to feed new registrations into the Qualified Voter File (QVF). A Black American election integrity specialist, Linda Lee Tarver, stated that this was uncommon in Michigan and that Benson “got away with it.” The state Legislature should have used its constitutional prerogative of election jurisdiction.

The event of the small red wagon merely doing its job bringing camera equipment was mocked as a late-night ballot dump. Election officials just chalked it up to a large number of absentee votes still awaiting processing. As witnessed on camera footage that Detroit election officials wish would vanish, these packages might have included up to 30,000 votes.

In Michigan’s presidential election, Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump by 154,000 votes. The massive wave of absentee ballots expected as a result of COVID necessitated early-morning “counting.” After a fight of attrition, Republican poll workers and challengers went home or were thrown out, this wave arrived.

Republican poll challengers were screamed at, harassed, and sometimes physically assaulted. They were told they’d be booted out if they didn’t preserve a six-foot gap. Democrat pollsters detected no similar social distance. Some unmarked cars with out-of-state registration plates delivered absentee ballots to the TCF. There is no bipartisan support for these ballots. There is no evidence of a chain of custody or a record of where these were moved.

On Election Day, thousands of supposedly “new” registrations were spotted. Thousands of ballots were still being “processed” because they were cast by “voters” who were not on the voter registration rolls. According to the official explanation, these mysterious votes had already been processed before arriving at the TCF center. As clerks from other counties interviewed remarked, this is unlikely with thousands of ballots in dispute.

Vote-harvesters were seen directly in front of the Detroit Department of Elections’ plain view of election workers. At some of the over 20 voting sites in Detroit, almost two dozen GOP volunteers worked as ballot trackers. They discovered many anomalies, including luring people into voting with food and drink incentives. After a heated presidential election, Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Ellen Benson ordered election officials to remove computerized poll books. Despite mounting calls for post-election audits, this was the case. According to Tom Foreman, conservatives should rejoice that the 2020 election served as a “wake-up call.”