Congressman Has Message About US Relations with China

With China being a top competitor to the United States, awareness and caution when it comes to this communist regime are absolutely vital.

As Joe Biden is in the White House, there are already growing concerns about whether or not the best interests of China are being put ahead of America.

Biden’s refusal to ban imports from Chinese suppliers that reap the benefits of slave labor is problematic. Even Democrats have pushed back against this.

Issues also exist with the president shipping oil from America’s emergency reserves over to China. At the same time, Biden and his congressional allies continue to call for widespread US usage of electric vehicles.

Yet, since China (not America) has the components necessary for creating these vehicles, across-the-board electric vehicle usage would make us more reliant upon the communist government.

Meanwhile, Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) is laying out a comprehensive plan to ensure the United States is less reliant upon China.

The Production Factor
During a Wednesday interview with Newsmax, Scott stated domestic production of semiconductors is vital for America to remain competitive against communist China.

The Florida Republican noted that during his overseas trips to Taiwan, Korea, and Japan, he and other business titans agreed that the success of the semiconductor sector goes hand-in-hand with slashing reliance upon China.

Next, Scott pointed out how the communist regime has no problem with lifting America’s technology, despite not being our ally.

Finally, the congressman pointed out that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a chilling reminder that now’s the time for America to get serious about domestic production.

Scott on Biden and China
Given the president’s sympathetic tendencies toward the Chinese communist regime, Newsmax asked Rick Scott about his views on Biden shipping America’s emergency oil over there.

The Florida Republican curtly stated the current president doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing and remains controlled by radical Democrats.

Scott then expanded upon this point, calling for Biden to prioritize domestic energy independence over electric vehicles that lead back to China.

Finally, the GOP congressman said Biden needs to consider the bigger picture which means lowering consumer costs and pursuing other policies in America’s best interests.