Congressman Chip Roy From Texas Instructs Jerry Nadler

People enjoy living in Florida, but there are moments when they wish they could live in Texas, particularly in Congressman Chip Roy’s 21st Congressional District. Ron DeSantis, the excellent governor, has made dealing with the COVID-19 epidemic as bearable as possible. He is a sensible, no-nonsense man who refuses to be swayed by the media’s nonsense or the heinous spin many politicians put on current events.

According to the reports, the House Judiciary Committee chairman, Jerry Nadler, is attempting to prevent Rep. Ted Poe from supporting Sen. Ted Cruz’s anti-gun statements by claiming that the Second Amendment was meant to protect hunters, not criminals. According to Poe, the amendment was designed to defend a citizen’s right to bear weapons when challenged with tyranny.

The fact that tyrants and despots must manage, or more appropriately reign, over a defenseless populace is not even a thinly disguised truth. Consider what would have happened if any of the countries controlled by dictators had armed people throughout history. Those oppressors’ sagas would have been brief, and they would not have ended well.

The Second Amendment was drafted to serve as a continual warning to our country’s leaders that any shift from lawful government to unlawful dictatorship would almost certainly be met with the legal armed opposition. Politicians that oppose gun rights might be classified as either naive, misguided idiots or aspiring dictators. Both of these groupings are represented by Nadler. He’s an arrogant, fork-tongued biped swamp monster who doesn’t have the decency to come in out of the rain.

People appreciate Congressman Roy Moore for his work as a steadfast supporter of one of the most fundamental and vital rights, the freedom to vote. Attempts to decertify the 2020 presidential election, which his previous employer usually spearheaded, were openly opposed by the former Sen. Ted Cruz employee. He correctly compares his and Cruz’s disagreements to when Clarence Thomas and the late Antonin Scalia were on opposing sides of a debate but never wavered in their support for conservative causes.