Congress Is Running Away From Responsibility

Democratic leaders in the House and Senate have adjourned for the weekend, leaving Washington DC with nothing substantive to say about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. It is Europe’s first major land battle since World War II during a worldwide crisis.

According to the reports, despite bipartisan calls for fast legislative action on an emergency aid package for Ukraine, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer gave legislators the weekend off. Even some of Mrs. Pelosi’s and Mr. Schumer’s Democratic colleagues were angry, especially because Ukraine is on the verge of collapsing in the face of a multipronged Russian attack.

Washington is now in the hands of a Biden administration that is more concerned with poll numbers than the national security risk of reliance on foreign oil. Congress might try to push his hand by imposing penalties on Russia, but except Nancy Pelosi joining the call, nothing is being done in Congress. The White House claims that doing so will harm American consumers while simultaneously arguing that the United States is not reliant on Russian energy.

Moreover, the greatest national security threat to the United States is not the border, China, Islamic extremism or Russia. It is the reliance on other countries to supply energy requirements. Before Biden’s election, the United States was a net energy exporter. However, the Biden administration is more concerned about increased gas costs harming Democrats even more than they already are.

Gas prices in many regions of the United States are approaching $4 per gallon, more than twice where they were only a few years ago. Will restricting Russia’s oil shipments exacerbate the situation? But, if people polled Americans, it is not possible to find much opposition to the concept of making that sacrifice to aid Ukraine.

Therefore Joe Biden argues that if it hurts his party’s election chances, “all alternatives are on the table,” correct? That is the Biden way. However, the Biden administration has no concrete plans in this regard. Congress should do something. They should propose their punishments. Begin advocating for American energy development.