Congress Is Moving Funds From Medicare To ‘Save’ The Postal Service

Congress is transferring billions of dollars in retirement costs from the United States Postal Service to Medicare, hastening Medicare’s expected insolvency in 2026. Low-performing sections in a company are frequently modified, and if they continue to fail, they may be abolished. The House plans to do precisely the reverse, moving the payments to Medicare while leaving USPS with unfunded pension liabilities. Furthermore, political politicians are customary to “kick the can down the road.”

Moreover, the scenario was laid out in the Congressional Budget Office’s July 2021 report. In the first ten years after the tax money was transferred from one account to another, an additional 25% of retired postal workers were obliged to enroll in Medicare. That was mandated, not requested, or given the option to participate. As the people who pay the postal workers’ salaries, that implies that you will now be considerably more responsible for their retirements.

According to the reports, postal unions weren’t so blatant in their partisanship, but no one is shocked that they back Democrats. What is more concerning is that Congress’s “solution” to the US Postal Service’s insolvency in 2022 is another failed measure that will necessitate more action. Just as the internet began to eat into the US Postal Service’s economic model, people saw a GOP Congress “solve” the Postal Service’s pension difficulties by forcing hefty upfront cash injections.

Therefore Democrats are spearheading the campaign to “rescue” the Post Office by tossing Medicare under the bus, a disaster that congressional “solutions” are exacerbating. According to reports, the 2022 US Postal Service “fix” appears to be another attempt by Congress to deceive the American people. Let’s nip this in the bud and put a stop to government-run health care.