Confirmed: Biden Funding Crack Pipe Handouts

A new report indicates the Biden administration is actually funding the distribution of crack pipes, contrary to previous claims by officials that federal tax dollars would never be used for that purpose.

The Daily Caller published the report on Friday indicating that “harm reduction facilities” are in fact using public funds provided by administration grants to hand out crack pipes and other illicit drug use paraphernalia.

The Biden White House has previously labeled reporting about the use of harm reduction grants to purchase and give away crack pipes as “misinformation.” However, the Daily Caller’s new report confirms that it obtained two smoking kits from a location of the New York Harm Reduction Educators containing crack pipes, condoms, and sexual lubricant.

The New York Harm Reduction Educators received $398,960 in taxpayer funds in May from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) through Biden’s harm reduction grant program.

Reporters with the Daily Caller were given the crack pipes and other material after about 10 minutes of filling out paperwork with “basic information.”

After the reporters were given the crack pipes, they were invited to smoke drugs right on the premises. An employee with the “harm reduction facility” told a reporter to smoke using the crack pipe in a supervised room. The employee suggested this method because smoking outside the building is prohibited because the facility is too close to a school.

The HHS announced the recipients of the $30 million “harm reduction program” in May, and included a notation on its grant website claiming that no federal funding is used “directly or through subsequent reimbursement of grantees to purchase pipes in safer smoking kits.”

HHS included that notation after it was reported in February that the program would fund crack pipe distribution. The Washington Free Beacon thereafter had reporters obtain smoking kits from five harm reduction facilities that all included crack pipes.

HHS provided a statement to the Daily Caller that indicated the New York Harm Reduction Educators have not yet used the federal grant and that its purchases with grant money will be subject to approval.

The House Appropriations Committee voted unanimously earlier this month to amend the HHS budget to prohibit the agency from funding drug paraphernalia handouts.

The unopposed vote indicates that even House Democrats no longer accept the administration’s claims that it is not funding crack pipe purchases and giveaways. Committee member Rep. John Moolenaar (R-MI) sponsored the amendment and said, “Now even Democrats are recognizing this was an abuse of tax dollars.”