Comedian’s Jokes About Trans Dylan Mulvaney Lead To Woke Outburst

In a recent comedy show at Hyena’s Comedy Club, tensions escalated as a comedian was faced with the fury of a group of left-wing women after cracking jokes about transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney. 

Chrissie Mayr, who is known for her unapologetic style, found herself at the center of a controversy when her humor collided with the sensitive subject of gender identity.

Mayr’s comedic performance took an unexpected turn when she delved into Mulvaney’s controversial “Days of Girlhood” series and failed Bud Light campaign. The comedian had questioned why Mulvaney had not pursued gender reassignment surgery despite identifying as a teenage girl for over a year.

“Why has it been a year of girlhood and still no t***? Why no t*** for Dylan? I don’t understand,” she quips as seen in footage of the event.

A member of the audience who got the joke responded, “Because he’s a man.”

However, a woman in the crowd was not having any of the banter and she interjected, shouting, “No! She’s a woman!” 

Jokingly acknowledging the disagreement, Mayr stated, “Uh-oh, uh-oh, we have one of those…It’s all good. We can all have different beliefs. It’s okay. Some of us can believe in reality and some of us can’t.”

This seemingly harmless exchange and the rest of Mayr’s time on the stage, in which she joked about sexual labels in modern America, triggered an explosive reaction from the woman and her companions. 

As seen in the footage, the group promptly stormed out of the set, causing a scene as one of them yelled a parting insult at Mayr, labeling her a “transphobe.”

Mayr later took to Twitter to share her experience. “Just FYI, these ‘women’ went straight to management to complain and then proceeded to stampede (knock over) my merch table,” she wrote.

“This is the conflict when it comes to comedy and Leftists. It’s just not compatible,” the comedian added, as she shed light on the clash between humor and the sensitivities of the women displayed.

Reflecting on the incident in an interview with Fox News, Mayr expressed her belief in the importance of true equality and the absence of double standards.

“They can’t have it both ways. Leftists want to be culture makers but also want certain groups exempt from ridicule. If you believe in true equality, then there’s no such thing as ‘punching down.’ No group should be ‘safe’ from being made fun of,” she declared. 

Firmly standing by her style of comedy, Mayr concluded, “I will keep making fat jokes and trans jokes because I enjoy it, and the crowds clearly do too.”