Colorado is Being Sued Over Use of Agricultural Property Rights

In the state of Colorado, there is absolutely no shortage of agricultural properties. These properties are generally used for ranches, farms, and a variety of similar purposes.

However, Colorado is currently dealing with a variety of disputes about the use of agricultural priorities and who is entitled to what.

In 2021, the Supreme Court determined that growers’ have a right to protect their property from various invasions. This specific case handled a dispute in California, not Colorado.

Nevertheless, Colorado remains in hot water over a provision that forces owners of land to permit different “service providers” to use these properties for interacting with workers.

What to Know About the Lawsuit Against Colorado
In a nutshell, the lawsuit accuses Colorado of breaching both Fifth Amendment and 14th Amendment rights. Both property owners and various employers stand as the plaintiffs driving the lawsuit.

It is their view that by Colorado permitting trespassers to access their property for their own means, the state is violating the Supreme Court’s previous ruling on use of agricultural property.

Per the plaintiffs, the state of Colorado is seizing public property and forcing trespassers to use it, without even compensating the owners of this land.

Employers and property owners have also cited their constitutional rights to not have their property used for public consumption without monetary compensation.

Of course, the measures from Colorado that prompted this lawsuit were put through by Democrats in the state, including Gov. Jared Polis.

Democrats in Colorado argue that what they’re doing with agricultural property are emergency measures designed to help workers fulfill various needs and obligations. Meanwhile, employers and property owners who are bearing the brunt of this policy have a very different outlook.

Who Will Prevail?
At this point in time, the lawsuit will have to work its way through the legal system. This is not the first time Democrats in this country have been sued for their various policies that impact people who own property.

Just last year, rent payment moratoriums were legally challenged by property owners and landlords. As it turns out, the federal government giving people a pass on paying rent due to COVID-19 didn’t really help property owners who were still responsible for paying bills on their end.

In Colorado, the lawsuit’s outcome over agricultural property rights could very well set a nationwide precedent.