CNN’s Erin Burnett: Fetterman’s Fracking Answer ‘Hard To Watch’

On CNN’s Wednesday broadcast of “Outfront,” host Erin Burnett said that the Oz-Fetterman debate was “tough at moments to watch” because of instances like Fetterman’s “counterfactual” answer on fracking.

Burnett, a liberal CNN host, was critical of Fetterman’s performance during her latest broadcast. She said that Fetterman is trying “to change the subject from his debate performance, where the effects from his stroke were visible and, at times, difficult to watch.”

She added, “As you watched it last night, it is fair to say, even supporters of Fetterman saw, it was clear, he was struggling at moments. It was tough at moments to watch because of moments like his answer on fracking.”

While Fetterman had issues throughout the debate, Burnett focused primarily on his “fracking” answer. She said, “I don’t know what was coming on the closed captioning, but this was a counterfactual. He said, ‘I support fracking‘ when he had categorically said that he did not. He said, ‘I do not support fracking at all.’ So, what he said here was actually just wrong.”

At one point the Fetterman campaign complained about the “closed captioning” that he was allowed to use during the debate, an accommodation that no other politician has used. The following tweet from Clay Travis shows the Oz campaign’s response:

ABC News wrote about the debate, “Fetterman consistently dropped words or spoke in a choppy cadence — leaving Republicans to pounce and Democrats to spin,” and that is what is happening even today. Republicans are pointing toward one of the worst debate performances ever as a reason not to vote for Fetterman and democrats are spinning the performance by saying how much Fetterman has improved since May.

The latest FiveThirtyEight poll released earlier today has Fetterman up by a little over two points, but new polling should come in over the next few days to get a better feel for where the election truly is. Going by the debate alone, Oz should gain some ground, but with partisan politics at its height, Fetterman still has a chance to win the Senate seat.