CNN’s Correspondent Chris Cillizza Asks If Kamala Harris’ Moment Is Finally Here

If you don’t succeed at first, make a complete fool of yourself, advises CNN politics correspondent Chris Cillizza. “Is this the start of a Joe Biden comeback?” Cillizza wonders, apparently straight-faced. “The biggest thing you have going for you is your willingness to embarrass yourself,” says Greg Kinnear’s character, Simon, to Jack Nicholson’s Melvin. Cillizza has taken that counsel to heart several times and proven it each time.

According to the reports, Chris Cillizza’s article was ridiculous on the surface and did not go into the fairy tale details. Still, after lamenting all of the awful things that have happened to Biden over the last 14 months, the intrepid CNN “journalist” actually pointed to the inept president’s disastrous State of the Union speech as a sign that he might be on the verge of a comeback.

Chris Cillizza poses the absurd question, “Is this finally Kamala Harris’ moment?” After Joe Biden’s terrible approach to the Ukraine issue and Russia’s takeover of Crimea, he seems even more deluded, assuming that’s possible. Although talk of a Biden return was “greatly overstated,” it does not appear to have dampened speculation that he may run for president again.

The California Democrat has had a rocky start to her career and suspicions about her suitability for the post continue. She’s visiting Poland and Romania at a hectic time, with Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

Moreover, Kamala Harris is in Poland as part of the Biden administration’s efforts to mobilize international support to isolate and punish Russia for its involvement in the Ukraine conflict. She will be entrusted with ensuring one of NATO’s easternmost partners that the US is committed to its security in the face of new concerns about Russia’s ambitions. If Harris can navigate this difficult phase with Poland and Ukraine’s relentless drive for a no-fly zone, it will be a big victory for the Biden team and Harris herself.

However, Harris desperately needs a chance to prove she’s ready for the top job and this week’s trip is a prime example. The Harris Fan Boy speculates about the Democratic presidential ticket in 2024 and the situation if Biden is not nominated. Should he be informed? Let him sort things out on his own.