CNN “Retracts” Story On Biden-Ukrainian President Phone Call After White House “Denial”

After CNN published a leaked article on purported words made by President Joe Biden to Ukraine’s President, chaos ensued online. On Thursday, President Biden discussed the Russian threat with Volodymyr Zelensky. According to a leaked source, Biden stated that an invasion was almost probable and that the country should “prepare for impact.”

Moreover, The White House has denied reports that President Joe Biden told Russian officials that Russia might “sack” Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital. Before the White House stated that the claim was untrue, it was taken up by various news sources and covered by Jake Tapper. The video of Tapper’s story was tweeted and then erased by the official account for “The Lead.”

Volodymyr Zelensky’s spokeswoman issued a statement that supports the White House’s claims that the leaked information was false. “These messages are untrue,” the statement said, referring to a ‘Senior Ukrainian Official.’ “In this trying moment, they ask them to treat every piece of information with care and only publish data that has been thoroughly vetted,” the message read.

Furthermore, some speculated that the White House had pushed CNN to remove a real story on a phone conversation between President Joe Biden and the Secretary of State John Kerry. According to News’ Christopher Miller, a source in Zelensky’s office, verified that the leaked account accurately depicted what Biden said.

Therefore President Joe Biden’s statements regarding the likelihood of a Russian invasion of Ukraine have been retracted by the White House. The Free Beacon’s Brent Scher tweeted, “It was probably mishandled,” alluding to a CNN article that looked to endorse such a move. Jen Psaki, Press Secretary at the White House, emphasized earlier this week that President Joe Biden’s remarks should not be taken out of context.